sql_LV.llb is a high-performance library for interfacing your LabView application with your ODBC-based database.

NOTE:  New "HowTO" Documentation available.

Download now (GPL licensed)
Note: New and improved, I've added BLOB handling for insertion and selection (not "update" yet).  Data typing now handled automatically with clusters.
Works with MS Access and SQL Server DBs!

Doubly improved!!  Open and Close your own connections or use  dynamic connection management.

  • Complete SQL functionality but no SQL programming knowledge required.
  • Connection to most popular databases through ODBC
  • MySQL access through direct API
  • High-level, easy-to-use functions for common database operations
  • Direct interaction with local or remote databases
  • All I/O through simple LabView string arrays or...
  • INSERT (REPLACE) and SELECT through clusters with element names as FIELD names with automatic type setting.  Handle:
  • Boolean
  • Int
  • Double
  • String
  • BLOBs
  • Programmer may keep DB connections remained closed until processing data -- DB License issues minimized 
  • Because of slow authentication with MS SQL Server, you may now open a DB as a LV reference and keep the connection open until calling the close VI.  All the VIs are now polymorphic and accept either the original DB cluster or an opened reference.
  • Maintaining an open connection allows the programmer to use "TEMPORARY" TABLEs (good only for the life of a connection) from one SQL query to another.
  • Not multi-threaded, but getting closer with connection and statement handles being allocated to unique memory locations -- contact me (through the VI documentation) if you have a compelling need.


  • Open Connection
  • Close Connection
  • DB TABLE lists
  • DB COLUMNS lists.
  • SELECT and SELECT * VI for reading data.
  • UPDATE VI for updating data.
  • INSERT (w/ REPLACE option) VI for writing new data.
  • DELETE VI for record deletion.
  • SQL Commands function (useful for TABLE CREATE statements and the like)
  • Error Function VI. Passes DB engine diagnostics to programmer/user for quick debugging of problems. DB is closed following syntax error (bug fix).
  • Date function


  • MySQL (runs from API or ODBC -- well tested, BLOBs work too)
  • Oracle  (well tested)
  • Firebird  (lightly tested)
  • MS Access  (works well)
  • SQL Server (works well)


LabView SQL example sql_LV